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Attention Students currently in 9th and 10th grade Intensive Reading:

Since there will be more time at home this summer, what better way to work on improving your reading skills than by continuing to work in Reading Plus! There is the opportunity for Reading Plus this summer-up to July 26th!  When you return to classes in the fall, there will be a placement test and doing some Reading Plus over the summer will help you keep your reading skills sharp. There will be a sweet treat upon your return to school based on the number of lessons completed. Complete 20+ lessons at 80% or better and enjoy a treat upon your return! Join the Google Classroom in case you need technical support: (code: qkc2sbw).

If you have worked your way through Reading Plus and want to keep your skills strong for the next school year, try the book challenge. If you read four books (one can be your English class required reading book) and pass the Reading Counts test in your portal [or fill out completely the book report that will be posted in Summer Reading Plus/Reading Incentive Program’s Google Classroom (code: qkc2sbw)] by to July 26th! there will be a sweet treat upon your return to school. Remember, you get better at reading by reading! Hint: you are still able to check books out via MackinVia in your Palm Beach School District Portal (instructions in GC).

Attention Students with Disabilities

Students With Disabilities who would like to request accommodations for Collegeboard Testing, please note the deadline for the August 29, 2020 SAT and SAT Subject Tests is July 10, 2020, the deadline for September 26, 2020 SAT is August 7, 2020, the deadline for October 3, 2020 SAT and SAT Subject Tests is August 14, 2020 and the deadline for the PSAT/NMSQT is August 25, 2020.

Letter to Families of Cambridge Learners.
If you have a cambridge learner in the family, please click here for some important information.

For Incoming Freshmen
Learn more about the courses we offer and what to expect at Spanish River. Click on the link to view the video presentation for our Spanish River  incoming freshmen. SRHS In-coming Freshmen Presentation 

Attention Seniors
SENIORS still wanting to order a cap and gown can do so at:  
Questions can be directed to Herff Jones directly.

AP Exam Updates for Students & Parents

 AP exams are still happening this school year! Exams have been shortened to about 45 minutes, will only test content covered through early March, and will be taken online between May 11 and 22, with makeup sessions from June 1 to 5.  

For information on how taking the exams will work, visit

 For the full exam schedule, including make-up dates and times, as well as course-specific information regarding exam format and content, visit

 For a calendar-style view of the AP testing dates, visit

 To help prepare them for the exams, students have numerous ways to practice within AP Classroom. They can also attend the YouTube Live lessons being offered at For the full AP course schedule, visit

If you have any further questions regarding this year’s AP exams, please do not hesitate to contact your AP teacher or Spanish River’s AP Coordinator, Charlotte Eames, at

Youtube Subtitle Captioning - Changing to Different Languages.

Click here for the "How To" in English.
Click here for the "How To" in Spanish.
Click here for Portuguese.
Click here for Creole.

Parents - Intro To Google Classroom
Click here to learn about how to use Google classroom.

Daily Student Expectations for Online Learning - Portuguese
Expectativas diárias dos alunos para o aprendizado on-line @ SRHS. Click here.
Daily Student Expectations for Online Learning - Spanish
Bienvenidos al Aprendizaje En-línea  @SRHS. Click here.
Resources to Support Digital Learning with English Language Learners.

Click here to view the details.

AP Classes and Review on You Tube Live!
Click here to see more details.

Cambridge Exam Information
Cambridge International has announced that it will not run its international examinations in the May/June 2020 series in any country. This includes Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge International AS & A Level, Cambridge AICE Diploma and Cambridge Pre-U.

It will be working with schools to assess students’ achievements using the best available evidence. Students will receive a grade and a certificate from Cambridge International, given the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their programs of study. This will ensure that students are not disadvantaged as a result of the extraordinary circumstances facing school districts around the country.

Cambridge will provide guidance to schools on how students will receive those grades. It is talking to universities worldwide and factoring these unprecedented circumstances into admissions decisions so that students can continue with their education journeys as soon as possible.

Cambridge will continue to offer a wide range of support and resources for schools, teachers, and students on its website at On Thursday, March 26, Cambridge will provide an update for schools. Additional updates will be provided as regularly as possible, going forward.

Parent SIS Gateway PIN Request.
To submit a request for your SIS Parent PIN click here.

Locker Issues - 8000 Building Only

If your locker is in the 8000 building and you are having issues, click here to fill out the form and resolve the issue.

Need Cambridge Transcripts?
Click here for the Cambridge Examination results transcript application form.

Important Testing Information!
A reminder to all students taking ANY state or national test, you MAY NOT have an electronic device on your person or within arms' reach. It is preferable that you do NOT bring any electronic device into a testing location/session.  If you do, be aware that such will be collected and not be on your person or within arms' reach during your test session.  

If you are found with an electronic device during a test session, your test will be invalidated.  This is a Florida Department of Education rule and they do not allow for any exceptions.

In addition, others in your testing location may have their test invalidated as well.