Michael Vargas

Mr. Vargas
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Computer Science Instructor

Email: Michael.Vargas@palmbeachschools.org
Google Voice: 561-571-2410

Teaching Certification: Computer Science (K-12), Math (6-12), FLDOE #934672
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, College of Engineering, FAU (1992)
Teaching Experience: Fourteen years total (11 Math, 3 CS; includes 2018-2019)
Spanish River Tenure: Eight years (includes 2018-2019)
CollegeBoard Experience: AP Reader (Grader) , summer 2017 and 2018
Professional Experience: Motorola Software Engineer, Paging Products Division, 1992-2004
Other Technical Experience: Apple Store, 2011-2014

Photo of Mr. Vargas in front of school sign that reads, "Mr. Vargas Teacher of the Quarter".
Teacher of the Month, five of seven past school years.

Personal Message
Technology has become an integral part of everyday life. Students in high school now will drive the technology innovations that shape our future. Think about how much things have changed in the last 20 years. It's hard to imagine not having immediate access to the internet or not seeing a smart phone in every person's hand. What technology will be commonplace 20 years from now? Today's students are poised to invent that world and the possibilities are endless. Virtually every field and industry is being completely revolutionized by technology and even more specifically, by software. Computer science encompasses programming, software engineering, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and more. It's foundational for the future our students will face and can even secure a very interesting and rewarding career for those that are up to the challenge. My hope is that this course helps deepen your understanding of our digital world and reveals the role you can play in it.

"Everybody in the country should learn how to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think." - Steve Job

I teach AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A at Spanish River High School for the School District of Palm Beach County. I also sponsor the Technology Club. It's exciting to introduce so many students to this important and relevant field. I enjoy my job as an educator and the opportunity it affords me to work with an amazing group of curious and talented students each year.  With my background in engineering and passion for teaching, my goal is to provide the best learning experience possible for all of my students. Prior to teaching Computer Science, I taught math here at River and also at the middle school level (Odyssey and ADHUS). The last group of math students I taught from 2015-2016 will graduate this year (go class of 2019!!). Before teaching, I enjoyed a successful 13 year career as a software engineer at Motorola developing pager and cell phone software. When the company wanted me to relocate to Chicago, I turned them down and decided to try teaching. That was fourteen years ago and now teaching is the only career option I would choose to do. I'm originally from New York City but have lived here in Florida for most of my life. 
Family Beyond my work, I'm grateful for an amazing family. My wonderful wife Megan and I were married a little over five years ago. She's my favorite person in the whole world and also a teacher (math) for Broward Virtual School. My daughter Emma is in the Communications Program at BAK MSOA. I also have one grown son, Michael Jr., who is a software engineer and married to his beautiful wife, Jen. They are the proud parents of my six year old granddaughter, Isabella.

Photo of Mr. Vargas with his wife and daughter.