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Important Information about AICE Testing

Parents and Students,

Please read the attached letter from Principal Castellano if you will be applying for AICE Access Arrangements (Testing Accommodations) per your IEP or 504 or ELL Plan.  You also need to fill out the form attached below for EACH course for which you are requesting these access arrangements .  They are due no later than December 18, 2020.  Please note that just because a student has an IEP, 504, or ELL Plan does NOT guarantee that Cambridge will grant the Access Arrangement.  

Request for Access Arrangement Form:


Letter from Principal Castellano which includes the consent form:

Test dates are tentatively scheduled to be released on November 1, 2020.  All dates and times will be posted to the school website, soon after that date. If you have any further questions, please contact me at


Mara J. Goron

Assistant Principal/AICE Coordinator


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March 7, 2019

 AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) Diploma 
Spanish River Community High School - 2018-2019
(with first diplomas issued 2020-2021)

According to Cambridge International, the rationale behind earning  an AICE Diploma comes from allowing students to study “a broad curriculum with a balance of maths and sciences, languages, arts and humanities, and interdisciplinary subjects.  It maintains flexibility and choice by allowing students to choose subjects at different levels” and the required subject of Global Perspectives which stands in a category of its own.

Both Cambridge AS and A Level courses are considered college level courses of study, and students passing these exams with a Cambridge grade of E or higher may receive college credit or advanced standing based on their scores on these exams from schools throughout the United States, including public institutions throughout the state of Florida.

In order to earn the AICE Diploma, students (candidates) must take seven courses and earn seven credits to include AS Global Perspectives from Core Group 0, one course from Group 1 (Mathematics and Science), one course from Group 2 (Languages), one course from Group 3 (Arts and Humanities), and three courses from Groups 2, 3, and/or 4.  The Cambridge Exams are administered between April through June each year.  A candidate working towards the AICE Diploma may use up to five sessions to take the equivalent of seven full credit examinations as long as they are taken within a 25-month period starting at the end of their freshman year through the end of their junior year. 

An AS Level course is awarded one credit and an A Level Course is awarded two credits.

Students are to complete all coursework for the AICE Diploma by the end of their junior year.

Students who earn an AICE Diploma are exempt from the state of Florida’s Virtual/Online Class requirement and the Personal Fitness Requirement.

Students who earn an AICE Diploma based on the AICE Exams taken prior to high school graduation, who complete the community service requirement (100 community service hours), and who submit a Florida Financial Aid Application will earn the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars Award.

AS Level Exams are graded A to E.  

A Level Exams are graded A* to E.

AS Level A Level
A* Level = 140 points
a = 60 points A Level = 120 points
b = 50 points B Level = 100 points
c = 40 points C Level = 80 points
d = 30 points D Level = 60 points
e = 20 points E Level = 40 points

Candidates who meet the requirements of the group will receive a Cambridge AICE Diploma at one of three levels:  Pass (140 - 249 points), Merit (250 - 359 points), or Distinction (360 or above with the cap at 420 points).  The level awarded is based on the overall Cambridge AICE Diploma score

Group 0 AS Global Perspectives (required) 
To achieve the Diploma, all learners will need to study and pass the revised Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives & Research Course.  This skills-based course challenges learners to think critically, analyse evidence, and compare perspectives. The learning is assessed through a team project and presentation as well as a written examination).

Group 1 (Mathematics and Science): AS Marine Science, AS Physics

Group 2 (Languages):  AS English Language

Group 3 (Arts & Humanities): AS Accounting,  AS Art & Design (Drawing), AS Business Studies, AS Literature, AS & A Sociology, AS Travel & Tourism, A Business Studies

Group 4 Interdisciplinary and Skills-based Subjects:  AS General Paper, AS Thinking Skills

9th Grade 11th Grade
AS General Paper (1 point) AS Accounting (1 point)
IGCSE (Pre-AICE)  Business Studies (no points) AS Art & Design (1 point)
IGCSE (Pre-AICE) Spanish (no points)

A Business Studies (2 points)
10th Grade AS Literature (1 point)
AS Accounting (1 point) AS Marine Science (1 point)
AS Business Studies (1 point) AS Physics (1 point)
AS English Language (1 point) AS & A Sociology (1 point - 3 points)
AS Marine Science (1 point) AS & A Travel & Tourism (1 point - 3 points)
AS Global Perspectives (1 point)
AS & A Sociology (1 point - 3 points)
AS & A Thinking Skills (1 point - 3 points)

NOTE:  An A Level Course must be taken the year directly following the AS Course or tested in the same year as the AS Exam.