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NHS Applications

National Honor Society applications are available in both suites and are due
no later than Wednesday, 3/18. Requirements are a 3.5 GPA or 3.8 HPA, no discipline referrals, and a minimum of 50 hours logged community service hours. The completed form is to be returned completed to Silver Suite. Thank you.

Please Congratulate The Following Students

Please congratulate the A-Team who competed in the final round of the Palm Beach County Academic Challenge.  They finished 2nd overall out of 16 teams at the start of the tournament.  

In addition, Hayden Siesel and Catherine Anillo were selected for the Palm Beach County All Star team and will represent "Team Palm Beach" at the state competition at Disney World in April.  

Team members include Hayden Siesel, Catherine Anillo, Baylee Materia, Nisha Jaferi, Alex Gaynor, Nandhu Jani, Jamee Rissman and Ashley Rubin.  

PBSC Future Panther Night

Palm Beach State College is making it easier for your students to transition from high school to college. 

A new initiative that we are taking is called “PBSC Future Panther Night”. 

This is an opportunity for your students to get assistance with the PBSC application and/or the FAFSA application during a Thursday evening in January and February. 

I encourage you to reach out to your students as soon as time permits.

The following days are scheduled on the PBSC Boca Raton campus in CA108 (both days) 

Thursday, January 30th-5:30pm-7:00pm

Thursday, February 13th-5:30pm-7:00pm.

They can contact me to RSVP and can bring a parent.

Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your continued support!



Lee Rodriguez, MSW

Outreach Program Specialist, Boca Raton

Palm Beach State College

801 Palm Beach State College Dr.

Boca Raton, FL 33431-6490

(561) 862-4335

***For a detailed look at PBSC available programs, click on the link below

Palm Beach Science and Engineering Fair Results

Please congratulate the following students when you see them today: 
Hayden Siesel- 2nd Place; Floride Dept. of Environ. Protection Award and US Air Force Award- Hayden is going  onto State Science Fair 
Eesha Shah- 2nd Place - Eesha is going onto State Science Fair 
Tyler Rumrill- 4th Place; Office of Naval Research Award
Eliana Polay- 4th Place
Shea Whitacre- Society of Women Engineers Award 
Paula Munoz- 4th Place
Maria Khambati- 3rd Place
Baylee Materia- 3rd Place
Kareem Hilo- 3rd Place and Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Award 

Please Congratulate The Following Students

Please congratulate the following students for placing in the Spanish River High National History Day Competition!  These students completed an in-depth historical research paper fitting into the theme of "Breaking Barriers in History".  First- and Second-place winners will advance to the Palm Beach County competition in February. If you see them, wish them luck!

Christian Potts,  Grade 09,  Teacher - Ms Green
Hannah Fassberg, Grade 10, Teacher - Mr. Bartholomew
Jane Halpern, Grade 10, Teacher - Mr. Bartholomew

Attention Students
Nova Southeastern University is sponsoring a Holocaust Reflection Contest for three categories of entries.  

If interested, please check their website for details: or email

Parent SIS Gateway PIN Request.
To submit a request for your SIS Parent PIN click here.

Locker Issues - 8000 Building Only

If your locker is in the 8000 building and you are having issues, click here to fill out the form and resolve the issue.

Need Cambridge Transcripts?
Click here for the Cambridge Examination results transcript application form.

Important Testing Information!
A reminder to all students taking ANY state or national test, you MAY NOT have an electronic device on your person or within arms' reach. It is preferable that you do NOT bring any electronic device into a testing location/session.  If you do, be aware that such will be collected and not be on your person or within arms' reach during your test session.  

If you are found with an electronic device during a test session, your test will be invalidated.  This is a Florida Department of Education rule and they do not allow for any exceptions.

In addition, others in your testing location may have their test invalidated as well. 

Free Tutoring During Lunch
National Honor Society offers free tutoring during lunch daily in room 1153D.  If you need help with any subject, we are here to help!  Bring your lunch and partner with an NHS student.